A dramatic surprise on a quiet square

by Rachel on April 26, 2012

I came across this video on YouTube and really liked it!
It’s a video about big red push button on a quiet square in Belgium. The sign above the button had the text “Push to add drama”.

Whenever someone pushed the button, drama was added onto the scene. What type of drama? I suggest you watch the video 🙂

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These are some shoes!

by Rachel on April 21, 2012

I came across these awesome high heel shoes by Kobi Levi, a designer that specializes in footwear design and development.

I don’t know about you, but I want me some of them!

Check out the cool high heel shoes


Intimacy, the dress that reveals all…

25 October 2011

Intimacy is a fashion project by Dutch design team Studio Roosegaarde made out of material that becomes transparent based on personal interaction.

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Cheap Dutch retailer goes undercover at Amsterdam International Fashion Week

26 July 2011

Cheap Dutch retailer Zeeman stunned many fashion gurus by going undercover at Amsterdam International Fashion Week.

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Freaky Family Portraits

22 June 2011

Check out this series photos of baby heads on grown up bodies AND… grown up heads on baby bodies, tjongolongo! How freaky is that!

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What if Facebook was used offline?

18 May 2011

Australian comedy show ‘The Hungry Beast’ created a video called ‘ The Offline Social Network’. Poking fun at the information people post on their Facebook account.

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Social Media Buzz about the Royal Wedding

29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding of William and Kate has taken the internet by storm. The Social Media Buzz around their wedding has been increasing the last few days.

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What if Social Media were a High School?

21 April 2011

Wherever you are, whatever high school you go to, you’ve got your stereotypes. Check out this graphic of Social Media related to High School stereotypes like, the jock, the class president, the wannabe, the nerd, etc.

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What happens when you take the name out of a logo?

14 April 2011

You end up with half a logo. The Dorothy group has created a collection of paintings of iconic logos without the brand’s name in it. Can you recognize them?

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A world without Google

7 April 2011

What if Google didn’t exists, what would the world look like? It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? Google is such a big part of our lifes now, it’s hard to picture life without it.

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