Weirdest and coolest ad of 2009

I came across this photo of a woman in a transparent suitcase. It is an ad by Amnesty International to increase awareness to stop human trafficking. They’ve taken ‘human trafficking’ quite literal and actually put a woman in a suitcase and put her on a baggage carousel at a German airport. They added stickers on the suitcase stating ‘stop human trafficking’.

Woman in Suitcase, Stop Human Trafficking, Amnesty International
Woman in Suitcase, Stop Human Trafficking, Amnesty International

Tjongolongo! I think this is a very cool and creative way for creating awareness for an important case (no pun intended) like this.

If you like these images, I suggest you also check out the video on the site of, the agency that created the ad. Just search for Amnesty International on their SPTV channel.

I think this is one of the coolest and weirdest ads of 2009, what’s yours?

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