What is Google Wave?

Ever since I started telling people I was riding the Google Wave, they kept asking me ‘What is Google Wave’? My short explanation is: ‘it’s a real time communication and collaboration tool. Instead of writing and sending e-mails to different people you can have it all in one wave and see it updated in realtime as well! All the information in one tool!’ ‘And that’s just the tip of the iceberg’

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Google New York office has scooters, slides and more!

In Google’s New York office there is room for both work and play! Everybody knows that Google has fun offices, I knew, but I’ve never seen the one in New York before. Last week Business Insider visited the New York office and took some photos. The photos made me go tjongolongo! They’ve got lounge chairs, graffiti on the walls, Lego, retro game computers, the ultimate snack machine and more!

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Google Sesame Street logos are taking over!

As you may have noticed, Google celebrates 40 years of Sesame Street this week. Special Google Doodles have been created featuring some of the Sesame Street characters. I can’t actually believe that Sesame Street has been around for 40 years already! From a tv show to a Google Doodle on the internet. They may be 40, but they are keeping up with the times!

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